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An immersive & interactive engagement facility brought to you by Best Companies, the name behind The Sunday Times ‘Best Companies to Work For’.


Imagine if every individual in your workforce was doing it because they want to, not because they have to: because they want to deliver outstanding service, because they want the organisation to succeed. This is what engagement is all about: creating a better place to work so that all employees feel motivated to do the best they can for the good of the organisation. Engaged employees are committed to the organisation, they believe in the goals and objectives of the organisation and are willing to do all they can to achieve those goals.

Improving employee engagement in your organisation could lead to:

  • Better financial performance
  • Better customer experience
  • Increased retention
  • Increased productivity

After more than a decade of research: gathering best practice from the very best organisations out of thousands surveyed. We wanted to create a World first: an interactive learning experience designed to immerse people in Workplace Engagement.

We listened to what organisations want to improve, what they want to learn from other organisations, and responded with tailored solutions delivered in a unique and dynamic environment.

Whether your priority is to develop understanding around employee engagement, to enhance the relationships within managers and teams to impact on engagement, or to create world class organisational clarity to energise your whole organisation, The Art of Engagement will help you create a clear actionable plan that will improve engagement within your organisation.